84121, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

(801) 810-4263 (HAND)

I do not offer "full service" or any other type of illegal activity.

How to treat a lady

Welcome! If you are unsure how to treat a lady, here are a few tips :)

Do NOT ask me to perform any type of illegal act!  Including "coded" or abbreviated words.  If I have to look it up on Urban Dictionary, I don't offer it.

Do not ask for a discount. Rates are non-negotiable. Classy men tip, they do not haggle.

Do not ask for pictures.  
There are plenty of recent photos in my Gallery! Are they not good enough for you? Sheesh ;) 

Please BE ON TIME!  
If you are going to be late or cannot make it, let me know as soon as you can. I understand it happens, so there is no cancellation fee. However, if you no-call/no-show, I'll never consider seeing you again.

Please be nice and clean.
 I will be too, of course. If for any reason you are unable to access a shower before our appointment, please ask, you can definitely use mine. :)

Please follow the directions to my incall
very carefully (use your GPS).  It helps us all stay on schedule.


How might I be the best client?

Firstly- have good hygiene.

I hate to start with being so crude, but unfortunately I run into this often enough it bears mentioning: wash your armpits and butt just before coming to see me, if at all possible. 

(I have exquisitely sensitive senses.)

You may also use my shower, please just let me know beforehand. 

Secondly- behave like a gentleman and you’ll be rewarded.

Thats honestly about it. I don‘t have hang ups on what someone looks like, if you smell good, and are nice, that‘s all I ask. Though the occasional tip never hurt either. ;)

You may also find my “How to treat a lady” section helpful.

Where is your incall?

In a private upscale residence in East Salt Lake City, about 10-15 minutes from Downtown. 

A lush and super relaxing environment. Aromatic candles light the room as calming music plays. Heated table and shower available. 

If I am traveling, I always stay in upscale and private accommodations, with similar amenities. 

How should I leave my donation?

Cash only, placed in the "donations" box in plain site or elsewhere easily viewable before the session starts.

I will take the occasional CC or transfer but only from repeat clients. 

May I get you a gift?

Yes please! Bring me anything you think I'd like or buy it off my Amazon wish list.

Do you "party" or trade for weed?

I happily work sober. I certainly stay away from anything "hard". I do not accept trades of any kind, though when I am working in a state it's legal, I happily accept cannabis and/or related products as a tip or gift. :) 

What do you wear during your sessions?

As little as I can get away with, according to local laws. I usually start out in Victoria's Secret lingerie.